Privacy Policy

Third Party Services

To provide the latest images and weather details. We utilize the Unsplash, Openweathermap and openmeteo API to provide you the data. However, stratus uses its open-source backend server which provides you with the data.

Data we collect

Location data

If you choose to use the weather function. You will be providing us with the place name and/or the geo-location co-ordinates of your device. We do not store any of the data with use. Both the frontend and the server are open-source and with very few modification you are able to roll your own server if you choose to do so.

Please be rest assured, none of the location data can be used to directly identify you by any third party service as our servers mask any directly identifying data between you and the third party server

Unsplash Images

We use Unsplash to fetch images from curated collections. Due to our limted resources, image are not served from our server. We pull a random Unsplash Image link from the collection. Unsplash may collect some data. Please refer to the Unsplash Privacy Policy page for futher information